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How It Works

The Six Figure Mentors is a company designed to help people build and run successful online businesses. It was created back in 2010 by Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek; two highly successful internet marketers who began their internet marketing journey in the field of affiliate marketing.

Building an online business is hard work, and takes a lot of time and dedication to learn. However, for those who are committed, the potential rewards are great.

The potential for success is almost entirely down to the mindset of the person going through the process, so for that reason a large proportion of the SFM’s training focuses on cultivating and building the mindset of a successful entrepreneur. Ultimately however, the results that a person generates are down to that person’s determination and drive to succeed. 

Essential Membership

The beginners choice. This is ideal for those of you who are new to online marketing with no idea what you’re doing. It’s a complete platform that will show you exactly how to create a business from scratch while giving you access to powerful tools for getting the job done.

  1. It starts with walking you through the basics
  2. You learn how easy it is to turn a profit by selling other people’s products on your website
  3. Create your own website with over-the-shoulder guidance
  4. Get clear on how to market your website to your audience
  5. Scale up

As an Essential Member, you have access to Digital Business Lounge; a powerful website hosting and building platform. You can also re-market SFM’s programs and services as an affiliate for huge earning potentials.

Elite Membership

For Serious Entrepreneuers. Ideal for those of you who are driven to create real change, fast! Elite takes it up a notch. Along with all of the benefits of the Essential Member, Elite Members also have access to:
  • Personal Mentoring and Coaching by industry leaders
  • Live Webinars to inspire and propel you forward
  • Daily Practice Challenges and Guidance to expedite success
  • This is where the Mindset Training gets kicked up

As an Elite Member, you are committing to creating that life of your dreams, along with the help from successful leaders guiding you along the way.

As Tony Robbin’s says “If you want to be successful, find someone who has achieved the results you want, follow their lead, and you’ll achieve the same results.” That’s what Elite gives you.

Step 1: Your Success Blueprint

Since 2010, The Six Figure Mentors (SFM) have worked with people to create a digital lifestyle for themselves. SFM is an educational organization that provides individuals and small businesses a step-by-step digital marketing program created to streamline the process of starting a business within today’s internet economy.

SFM’s academic and mentoring programs were developed to help students recognize and pursue their individual talents and passions, in order to create their ideal business. Students then learn how to utilize these talents and passions and become financially self-sufficient by way of creating the job of their dreams.

Through academics and a trusted body of coaches, support specialists and mentors, members of SFM take control of their lives while having access to hands-on support in a virtual world.

Step 2: Your Income Streams

The brilliance of SFM comes by way of their affiliate program. SFM gives you a professional business system, where you can start to practice your new skills and create income streams in the form of sales commissions, without having your own product. This can happen within the first few weeks while you get your personal business setup.

When you go through SFM’s affiliate training modules, you can immediately start to market SFM’s websites for a commission. The concept is simple; you earn commissions while learning how to use online marketing by way of practicing marketing someone else’s product. In the meantime, you are also focusing on how to create your own product and services, and by the time you’re ready to start marketing your passionate business, you’re already a proficient internet marketer!

As previously stated, SFM will pay you a commission for all sales made from your marketing efforts.  

*You get paid 40 – 50% commission of the retail price of the products you have invested in for yourself, and 10% of those you have not. The commissions usually range between $100 – $15000 per sale.*

What really makes Live a Life of Play different is that we understand that people’s lives are busy. Building a business alongside an existing job or business can be challenging and exhausting. Therefore, it is important to have a clear path with simple steps to follow and a business system that creates results and do the heavy lifting while learning. Time will not be an issue anymore.

Your Profits From Your Passions

The best part of this program is the freedom it grants. There have been people who have used it to replace their salary and free up their time, and there have been people who have used it to go on to create 6-7-8 figure businesses, based upon their passions. The curriculum, coaching and mentoring is designed to guide you towards the life you want and can be living, whether that is selling your photo’s, or creating the largest personal coaching network on the internet. The choice is yours. 

Step-By-Step Training

Whether you’re an existing business owner or an individual looking to create more lifestyle freedom, our education program gives you the marketing know-how to start or grow an online business that can be run from anywhere in the world. We’ve created easy-to-follow modules that are designed to be hands-on and refreshingly engaging. Each step clearly explains the actions needed to take your mindset and a business venture to the next level.

Our Personal System Consultant

One-on-one professional guidance to prevent information overwhelm is what most people are missing when it comes to finding success online. Our system consultants are highly experienced in every aspect of our world-class digital business platform. Think of it like having your own personal fitness trainer – they’re there to help you achieve and exceed your individual goals. As soon as we receive your application, you’ll be assigned a dedicated SFM system consultant to help you along on your entrepreneurial journey.

Exclusive Private Community Membership

Jump into the SFM Community at any time – you’ll be welcomed with a useful live-chat going on 24/7/365. Our private community is a happening place filled with enthusiastic, helpful people at various stages of their business progression, so you’ll be sure to make friends fast. If you need an instant answer to a question, chat is where it’s at. If you want a live conversation about a particular topic or need to discuss a current challenge you’re facing, the private forum is the way forward. With us, you’ll never feel like you’re on your own.

Live Events

At our popular, high-octane live events, leaders in the SFM Community show up from all corners of the globe to share their secrets of success and tricks of the trade. Held throughout the year in locations around the world, we make sure our live events are easy to get to and deliver nothing less than a dramatic impact on both your business and motivation levels. It’s all about keeping up the momentum!

*Individual results will vary. Please read our full Disclaimer at the bottom of this page.