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When my partner and I were sitting down to make our budget for our wedding, I was pretty taken aback when he declared that he was willing to spend $15,000. This was an especially big shock because he was currently bringing in zero dollars. To say that my stomach dropped would be an understatement. Sh**. That’s a lot of money.  How were we going to come up with that much money in 10 months?

And then there was this other side of me. You know how sometimes it feels like you’re carrying on more than one conversation in your head? Ya, me too. So the other voice was saying that $15,000 made sense for the kind of celebration that we were envisioning. Mostly to food honestly 🙂 Yep, big foodies!

So let’s take a step back. I’ve been doing a lot of work on reframing what “a lot of money” means to me. If I think that $15,000 is beyond ridiculous to spend on a single day of celebration, then the discussion ends there. I won’t entertain any notion of what it would take to come up with that amount of money. In other words, my imagination would stay in the closet.


If I set my crazy amount of skepticism (and fear) aside and got playful and creative with all of the different areas that we could look to for $$$, then it becomes a possibility. It might not mean that we generate exactly $15,000. But like that corny phrase says, if you aim for the moon, you’ll land in the stars.” So there’s no harm done in being willing to entertain that possibility.

So that brings me to my next point. What is the difference then between taking a leap of faith and being reckless? It can feel very similar to being reckless when we declare our wedding budget is $15,000 when only I’m currently earning an income.

And yet, making that bold declaration that amount of $$$ and then continuing the conversation allows us to get creative with ways to generate that income. I’ll get more into how this ties into the law of attraction in a future post. But putting that aside, this can cause a really profound shift in how you view what you’re capable of.

What if I take that leap of faith and am willing to be surprised? What if we declare that our wedding budget is $15,000 and come up with $11,000? That outcome is far larger than if we shut it down and only allowed ourselves to entertain what we thought was feasible in that moment.

So I invite you to play around with this concept, specifically around money. Next time you notice yourself saying NO to spending money on yourself (whether that be a trip, workshop, etc…) pause and ask yourself what would it look like to say YES? Let your imagination run with that possibility and see what brilliance you come up with. And be willing to be surprised 🙂