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AI taking over jobs

We hear alot of talk these days about robots and AI replacing us in our jobs, and to many that’s a very real threat. What is talked about less, is where does that leave us? And what’s talked about even less than that is the opportunity that exists in new job creation.

Over the past few centuries, there have been some rather large advancements, in which many people lost their jobs because they were made obsolete. In 1900, two thirds of the population worked in either manufacturing or agriculture. Today, only 1 in 10 work in one of those fields. Why? Because of technological advances that made pre-existing jobs obsolete. Now, this doesn’t mean that 50% of the population was unemployed; new jobs were created that were not conceived of prior to their need.

The fact of the matter is, we have no idea what the future will actually hold. We have only guesstimates and projections as to what will be needed and what will not. Instead of getting on the doom and gloom train, see this as an opportunity. Right now, new business models are popping into existence; entrepreneurs are becoming extremely wealthy in a matter of months because they thought of a new way to leverage this new technology.

Oh…but I don’t have the skills that these guys do. I didn’t go to school for technology development. Guess what…neither did I. And here’s what you do have: you’re a human being that is part of this crazy system that we call society, and you know it’s short comings and its failures. You see areas that could be improved every day, and you have brilliant ideas on how to improve them.

Make money with your laptop from anywhere!Use that. Take the things that make you most annoyed about how things are, find a way to make them better, and BOOM, there’s your business. Then it’s just a matter of building it. As Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “Do the thing, and you shall have the power.” Ever hear of YouTube? You can learn pretty much anything you want on there, it’s fascinating. It truly is a great resource.

There are also a number of cost effective schools and platforms on the internet designed to walk you through starting an online business. These are incredible access points to joining the digital gold rush and the new rich, as some people have coined it. However, beware of those that bait you with grand promises of making you a millionaire with little to no work. Like anything, it will take time, effort and energy to begin and maintain and be successful.

For those of you who are concerned about your job security, or maybe you just want to explore the option of an online business and see if there’s anything there for you, check out this link. It’s the same program I used to get my start and I can’t talk highly enough about the integrity and value of this company. I have explored many other options, and none even come close to the support, knowledge, value or community of this platform.Online Marketing and creating a freedom lifestyle

What I really like about them is that they provide an easy way to earn while you learn, meaning that while you go through the learning curve, they have broken it into easy steps to actually make a profit from very early on in the process. Which is really unheard of in today’s market.

What about you? What concerns do you have about AI and robots? What would you do if your job got replaced tomorrow? Do you have any business idea’s that you’ve been sitting on for the last few years?

Thanks for reading!