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Did you know that the average American spends 23 hours per week on the internet? That’s almost three and half hours per day surfing the web, consuming news, buying groceries, booking trips, or on social media and doing various other activities. From 2010 to 2015, internet usage went up 105%, while radio, cinema and magazine usage all dropped by more than 10% each.

www across the planet

The digital era brought to you by the world wide web

If that isn’t telling of what’s to come, then I don’t know what is.

I am 31 years young, so I can still remember what it was like when the internet first became common. There was that weird dialing noise beeping and blooping and it took forever to load, but it was okay cause you were about to be able to chat with your friends on the other side of the city without having to ask your parents to use the phone. Whoa, revolutionary.

20 years later, and we can facetime someone on the other side of the planet in an instant with the thing that lives inside our pocket. And when it glitches, ooh, Starbucks barista beware…

My point being, is that the internet is still a new thing. It’s still being learned about and each day there are new additions and inventions that incorporate the world wide web. Billions of dollars have already been made by thousands of people across the globe, and there are trillions more to come. Even though the traditional work (the 9 – 5, 40 hours per week) model is being taught, it’s quickly becoming a thing of the past. We have begun the upgrading process. The leveling up. Things are changing, and ever so rapidly!

Increasingly so, businesses are moving to the internet, and with the advent of AI, certain jobs will be replaced and new jobs will be created. A huge part of success is timing, and it has been looking to me like good timing for a new skill; one that leverages the incredible potential of the internet.

For me, I was already looking for another thing, a way out of the job I was in, despite the stability and the profit. I wanted something that would give me more purpose, more freedom, and to be honest, more money. That’s when I found affiliate marketing. A way to tap into the blossoming digital economy, while becoming my own boss, and therefore freeing up my time and making it possible to pursue the passions and activities that I cared about most, while having unlimited earning potential.

See, my dream is to have enough income balanced with enough time to engage in transformative behaviors and activities, not just for myself, but for others. I care deeply about the human race and our true potential. I care deeply about how others talk to each other and themselves. I care deeply about having a planet, a people, and a community that works. Having my own online business is what makes it possible for me to engage in these other ventures. Let’s be real, it takes money to live; it takes money to do just about anything. So making money on my own schedule and still having the time to work on my passions is what it’s all about.

I want to be around for my kids-to-be as they grow up. I want to be able to play with them and give them really great opportunities, like sailing in the Seychelles. While there’s a chance of this happening while being traditionally employed, the likely hood is much higher with a successful online business.

So when I first considered starting my own online business, I did all the research I could. I found out about e-commerce, and affiliate marketing, drop shipping and network marketing, design and copy write editing, so on and so forth. It was, to say the least, quite overwhelming. Then you add on top of that all the ads you see on youtube saying “I made $75,000 in one month and so can you!” or “Learn how to create your own 6 figure business from scratch!” and the confusion was compounded…

It took me a good year and a half before I decided to choose a route, and even then, I was full of doubt and cynicism. I was derailed several times, and I am sure I’ll get derailed a few more times. Again, this internet thing is still new, so even the “pro’s” are still learning.

With all that said though, I am so happy I finally quit my job and started my own online business. The clarity I gleaned, and the confidence I gained, and the abundance that abounds me is so worth the challenge. In fact, I welcome the challenge, as it keeps me sharp and invested, interested and motivated. I go to bed at night wanting to wake up in the morning to start on whatever project I have going. I never imagined having an online business would be so fun, or transforming, or rewarding. I have learned so much about myself, have met incredible people from across the globe, and I have created a new way of life that suits me perfectly.

What will you create?

What will you create?

The take away: I can’t recommend starting your own online business enough. The opportunities you gain by being your own boss, and the transformation it necessitates make it absolutely worth the time, effort and energy that is required.

Ask yourself a question: what would you do with more time, freedom and money? Where would you go? Who would you be? How would your life change? Think about this and let me know!

Thanks for reading, and may levity be with you always.