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Create a Life of Freedom With Your Online Business

Imagine what you can create with the freedom that an online business gives you…

Financial Freedom

Imagine never having to worry about paying your bills again… If you had enough money coming in every month to quit your job, what would you do? How would you give back? Who would you be? Financial success is about creating a life where your self expression isn’t stopped by money.

Geographical Freedom

Having an online business gives you the freedom to be anywhere in the world! By taking your laptop and finding an internet connection, you can work from a cabin in the woods, a beach hut in Fiji, or on your couch, wearing nothing but your PJ’s! For us, it’s wherever we can play outside!

Time Freedom

Time is the biggest commodity of your life! You have a limited amount, you can’t buy more, and you have no idea when it’ll run out… Simple tasks can easily be automated these days, so you can focus on what you really care about. For us, it’s playing with our family! With an online business, you can choose how to spend your precious time.

Meet Us, Kels and CJ

Before creating an online business, we both worked long hours where we struggled to keep a work-life balance. We both knew that we wanted to serve and play at the same time, but had no clue how to do this.
Now we are on a journey of bringing this balance to reality! For us, this looks like traveling the world, taking care of our aging parents, raising a family and mentoring others on how to create a life they’re excited by.
We have found that when we follow our passion and do what we truly love, work turns into play. Life is too short to live any other way. We look forward to learning what that looks like for you!